Need some advice?

You’re not alone. Whether you need the answer to a simple question about your super or a tailored financial plan we can help.

The dedicated team of professional financial advisers at ESI Financial Services (ESI FS) have the knowledge and experience to help you with the information and advice you need to secure your financial future. The Fund offers advice through ESI Financial Services Pty Ltd (ESI FS), a wholly owned entity of LGIAsuper (the Fund).

Why should I get financial advice?

It usually pays to get advice so you can take a structured approach to achieving your goals. Our financial advisers can help you identify your end goal and work out how you can get there. You can also check in with them to make sure you are on track to success. Our financial advisers can provide advice on the following:

  • Retirement planning, including transitioning to retirement
  • Superannuation contributions
  • Retirement incomes
  • Life insurance
  • Social Security
  • Managed investments
  • Borrowing to invest
  • Estate planning
  • Redundancy

How does our financial planning process work?

It works like this:

Step 1:  Do I need advice or information?

Tell us what you’re looking for and we'll determine what you need and who's best to provide it. If you’re after general information we’ll give you information about opportunities available, this won’t be based on your personal situation or needs.

You can also educate yourself by using our online calculators and fact sheets. Or register for a webinar or seminar.

Step 2:  I need personal advice.

If you want advice regarding your individual circumstances you need personal advice. We’ll work out with you if you need single-issue advice involving your Energy Super account or comprehensive advice if it’s more complex.

We’ll send you a copy for our Financial Service Guide and ask you to complete a Risk Profile Questionnaire  All your information is kept strictly confidential.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Simple single-issue advice is provided by phone at no additional cost and can be performed immediately or at another suitable time. We’ll follow this up with a written Statement Of Advice (SOA). This will include instructions on how to put our advice into action.

I need comprehensive personal advice

If you need more complex advice we’ll arrange an appointment for you to meet your adviser in person (at the ESI FS office in Brisbane or other locations by arrangement with your adviser) or meet over the phone if required. A fee is charged for this level of advice.

Step 3:  My first appointment.

At your first meeting you’ll get to know your adviser and they'll confirm their understanding of your objectives, develop some early thoughts about possible strategies, get your agreement on the scope of the advice, and provide you with a quote on the fees you'll incur for this advice. Then you'll be given a Term of Engagement letter to sign and return if you agree to proceed with advice.

Step 4:  Recommendations.

Your adviser will analyse your situation, develop strategies to meet your goals and make recommendations about what you should do. This is provided to you in a Statement Of Advice (SOA) document or a financial plan. Often, a number of people are involved in the process to ensure a number of appropriate strategies or options are considered and the advice you receive is right for you.

Step 5:  Understanding my advice.

A second meeting will give you a chance to review the Statement Of Advice (SOA) with your adviser, ask questions and refine strategies.

Step 6:  Implementing my advice.

Once you're happy, your adviser can help you implement your Statement of Advice.  Your adviser will also help with preparing forms for you to sign and guide you through the processes.

Step 7: Reviewing my situation.

Your circumstances often change over time so it's worth reviewing your situation with your adviser every 12 to 24 months.

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For more information read our Financial Services Guide.

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