My values and strengths is a considered, authentic and client focused approach allowing me to provide advice with an optimal level of service built on old fashioned values. I deliver financial advice in a manner that is easy to understand and comprehend.

My ethics, passion and principles are built around working really hard, sticking to a plan and naturally the goal or summit will be reached. In saying that though it is important to prepare and plan for change as this happens in life where some things are out of our control.

The 15 years financial planning experience has seen my career directed to specialising in super & retirement planning. I also hold the Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning qualification.

Personally, I am a happily married family man and have been blessed with two beautiful children who are both now attending their primary schooling years. I am a self-confessed sports tragic where my veins bleed the Australian colours and I am also patiently awaiting for the Wallabies to return with the Beldisloe Cup away from New Zealand.