Info For Financial Advisers
Info For Financial Advisers

Info For Financial Advisers

We are committed to assisting Financial Advisers in supporting their clients, by making it as easy as possible to obtain necessary information about Energy Super’s products, investments and services. In addition, Financial Advisers can also be provided with client account information (subject to authority to release information).

Energy Super is one of Australia’s leading industry super funds for the energy sector and we are committed to delivering products and services which are tailored to the unique needs of this sector. See our latest Annual Report.

Your clients will benefit from:

  • low fees
  • competitively priced insurance options
  • Energy Rewards loyalty program
  • access to their account anywhere, anytime through our mobile secure website
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>Our Products

Energy Super offers the following products to its members:

  • Defined Contribution
  • Defined Benefit (closed to new members)
  • Transition to Retirement Income Stream
  • Income Stream
  • Market Linked Pension
  • Allocated Pension (closed to new members)

Energy Super is also registered as a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS).

For more information on membership categories call the Energy Super Contact Centre on 1300 4 ENERGY (1300 436 374).


Energy Super Defined Contribution

Type of feeAmountHow and when paid

Investment fee


Not applicable.

Administration fee

$1.00 per week fixed administration fee ($52 p.a. per member account).The fixed administration fee is deducted monthly in arrears from your account (or when you close your account).

Buy-sell spread

Nil.Not applicable.

Switching fee

If you make a switch using a Change of Investment Choice Form, no investment switching fee is applied on your first switch each financial year. Any additional switches will cost $28. Investment switching is free if you make your switch through your Member Online account.The fee is deducted from your account at the time of the switch.

Exit fee


Deducted from your account at the time you exit the Fund. This fee is not applicable when transferring between Energy Super products.

Advice fees

relating to all members investing in a particular MySuper product or investment option.


Not applicable.

Other fees and costs1

Other fees and costs may apply depending on the services you use.


Indirect cost ratio2

0.22% p.a. of your account balance capped at $1,100 p.a. for eligible amounts including your linked spouse accounts (percentage-based administration cost3)

0.31% - 1.14% p.a. (estimated) depending on the investment option (investment management costs).

The percentage-based administration cost and investment management costs are deducted daily from Fund earnings before crediting rates are declared.

1 See the Fees and Other Costs Guide for information about other fees and costs.

2 Indirect cost ratios (ICRs) are an estimate for the 2017/18 financial year based on the tactical asset allocation of each investment option as at 1 July 2017. They include estimated performance costs (where relevant) which are based on an assumption about the extent to which managers are expected to outperform their benchmark. The actual costs for this and future financial years may be different. Updated estimates are posted on our website from time-to-time when updated information becomes available. Actual costs for each year are disclosed in our Annual Report.

3 See Fees and Other Costs Guide for information about the cap on administration costs and linking your accounts.

>Investment Performance

Investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

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Energy Super works with leading insurance providers to offer a range of competitively-priced insurance options and cover levels.

It is important to note that some employers have different insurance cover and cost arrangements through Energy Super. If this applies to your client please refer to their relevant Energy Super Corporate Product Disclosure Statement to determine their employer’s insurance arrangements.

Insurance cover options

* Death & Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover: provides a lump sum to you or your beneficiary/ies in the event of your death, or on the diagnosis of a terminal illness or if you’re disabled to such an extent that you will no longer be able to work. Energy Super offers either units of insurance cover or a fixed-dollar amount of insurance. Members working for an Energy Super Employer may have default insurance cover and can elect to apply for more cover. It may also be possible to transfer a super benefit from another fund with the Death and/or TPD cover.

* Death Only cover: provides a payment to your beneficiaries if you die. Energy Super offer both units of insurance cover or a fixed-dollar amount of insurance cover up to a maximum of $10M. Furthermore, it may be possible for your client to transfer a super benefit from another fund with the Death and/or TPD cover, this may even be able to transfer the same level of insurance cover to us without having to provide evidence of your good health.

* Income Protection (IP) cover: Energy Super’s Income Protection (IP) insurance means members can still have a fortnightly income for up to 104 weeks and then until you reach age 65 if you choose - subject to meeting the eligibility requirements of the insurance policy. Standard Income Protection insurance (up to two years) pays the lesser of 90% of your income or the level of cover you received automatically or applied for, for the first 120 days of your benefit period. Then, for the remainder of your benefit period, the weekly benefit is the lesser of 80% of your income or the level of cover you received automatically or applied for. A superannuation benefit is also payable into your Energy Super account equal to the lesser of 10% of income or 10% of the benefit level for which you are insured.

For further information please see our Product Disclosure Statement

>How to join

It's easy to join Energy Super.

Our Online Join form will guide your client on everything they need to do to set up an account with Energy Super .

Alternatively, a Member Application Form can be found in the back of the Energy Super Member Guide Product Disclosure Statement.

>How to rollover

If your client is currently a member of Energy Super and has acquired a number of super accounts, transferring all the funds into the one Energy Super account is easy by using our Transfer Your Super eForm.

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