We focus all our energy on you. We like to say we're big enough to matter, small enough to care. Our Annual Report takes you through how we strive to do this. Take a look.


Our vision is to be the super fund that focuses its energy on you. As an industry fund, we're run only to benefit our members, which means strong long-term returns, low fees, as well as access to support and advice.

We’re here to provide our members with the right information and knowledge. Our Annual Report shares our achievements, highlights our activities and performance, and of course includes an update from our Board and CEO. This financial year’s Annual Report highlights how we're working together with our members, employers and stakeholders to achieve better member outcomes.

Sometimes superannuation funds are so big it’s hard to see the individual. At Energy Super we're all about making a genuine difference in the lives of our members.


$7.58 BILLION in funds under management
48,831 members
$77,461,000 member contributions received
9/10 member satisfaction score
46,115 calls answered
$288,206,000 employer contributions received

About our Annual Report

We’ve introduced a new way to present our annual reporting this year so you can find the information you need more easily. Our 2019–20 Annual Report is made up of smaller reports, each covering a specific area.