Your Annual Statement outlines key information about your Energy Super account balance, insurance cover, investment options, contributions and other transactions.

You should receive your Annual Statement by early September 2020.

Statements are scheduled to be emailed or posted from the dates below:

Account typeFrom this date
Income Stream18 August
Accumulation (Super) 1 September
Defined Benefit 31 August

If there are any changes to these dates, we'll update this page.

How to access your statement

If your preference is for online communication, you’ll receive an email to let you know your Statement is available in your online account.

To access your Statement, click on the 'Correspondence' tab. You'll find previous Annual Statements here as well as other important Fund notices.

If your correspondence preference is 'Post' we'll also send you a printed Statement.

If you haven’t got an online account, you can register for the Member Portal any time. Click on ‘Register’ and follow the prompts.

What if I’ve forgotten my password?

Happens all the time. Go to the Member Portal log in page and click on ‘Forgotten password’.

To reset your password enter your member number or your username (if you set one up). Once you hit ‘Reset my password’, an email will be sent to your email address attached to your Member Portal account.

Wait a few minutes and if you can’t find the password-reset email check your spam and trash folders.Click the link in the email to reset your Member Portal password. You’ll be prompted to answer some security questions.

Your new password must be between 7 and 32 characters long, and contain at least one letter and one number.

If you have any issues, call us on 1300 436 374

Contact us

If you need help or have any questions, contact us on 1300 436 374 between 8:00am to 5:00pm weekdays. We're here to help.


  • Do all members get an Annual Statement?

    All members who have an account with a balance at 30 June 2020 will receive an Annual Statement.

    Providing an Annual Statement is a legal requirement for all super funds; you cannot opt out of receiving an Annual Statement.

    Members who exited the fund before 30 June 2020 will have been sent an Exit Statement, which will outline their activity for that financial year.

  • Why did you send me a paper Statement when I asked for email?

    If your communication preference is 'email' and you received a paper Statement in the postal mail, it means we were unable to successfully send you an email notification. To check we have a valid email address for you, log into the Member Portal and check or update your contact details.

  • What’s included in my Statement this year?

    You’ll receive:

    • 2019-2020 Annual Statement
    • 'Recovering from 2020' investment insert

  • My insurance recently changed or was cancelled but my Statement is still showing the old cover

    Your Statement has to show you your insurance cover as at 30 June. On 1 July 2020, your insurance cover changed. This change was communicated to members via a Significant Event Notice in May 2020.

    To check your current cover, log into your online account via the Member Portal.

  • I need help registering for the Member Portal

    If you need help to register, download our Portal Help Sheet. It has some helpful tips to follow when registering.

  • Important note regarding your 2019 and 2020 Annual Statements

    We work to always be open and honest about the costs associated with investing in us. In your 2020 Annual Statement, on the ‘Your Fees and Costs’ page, you’ll notice we've changed the way fees are disclosed compared to your 2019 Annual Statement. This year, we’ve split the Indirect Administration Fee and Indirect Cost Ratio into separate amounts. We believe this increases transparency and will help members better understand the fees and costs related to their accounts. Please note that overall the way we charge fees has not changed.

    It may also look like you have an increase in overall costs. However this is not the case, because the Indirect Administration Fee was not shown in the calculation of your fees in your 2019 Annual Statement. As a result the fees displayed were a lower amount than indirectly charged. However the correct fees were applied to your investments, and your account balance was not impacted.

    We remain committed to keeping our fees and costs as low as possible to help you maximise your retirement savings. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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