It’s absolutely normal to feel not-normal right now. COVID-19 has changed every aspect of our lives.

But there are ways to begin to overcome some of the worry and anxiety you may be feeling. The following tips are from our mental health partner, Mates in Energy.


Social distancing does NOT mean social isolation. In these times some people will naturally be anxious. Contacting people in whatever way is appropriate (online, phone, over the fence) is an important way to say we’re stronger when we stay connected.

Feel your emotions

It’s normal to have a range of emotions – grief, sadness, anger, confusion, anxiety, fear. Using skills that got you through tough times previously may be useful right now. Talking to someone can help.

When you’re at home

If you must stay at home, stay healthy – eat well, sleep, keep up some exercise, keep your social contacts with friends, workmates and family on the phone or online, do some gardening or yard work, read, create something new. Try to avoid excessive use of alcohol or other drugs.

Get the facts

Be aware that everything you hear or read about COVID-19 may not be true. Stay up to date from a trusted source like or

Limit your worries

Spend less time listening and watching media coverage if you find this upsetting. Focus on an activity that gives you energy and life.

Talk to someone

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to a mate, ring MATES on 1300 642 111 or Lifeline on 13 11 14. Helping your mate to talk to someone works. Talking with someone can help.

Information on this page is an edited version of Mates in Energy’s Coping with COVID-19 tip sheet.

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