Funds announce chief ahead of merger. This means Energy Super chief executive Robyn Petrou will step down.

"Robyn has done an outstanding job leading Energy Super during more than a decade of unparalleled industry and regulatory change and delivered great outcomes for our members," Energy Super chair Richard Flanagan said.

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Your super fund in APRA’s MySuper Heat Map

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has published its first heatmap providing assessments of the performance of every MySuper superannuation product in the country.

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Energy Super Income Stream wins Value Award

The 2015 Selecting Super Rainmaker Awards took place in Melbourne in November with Energy Super's Income Stream product winning the Value Award.

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Energy Super tackles mental health in the workplace

With one in five Australians currently dealing with a mental health issue, industry super fund Energy Super is encouraging employers to address and strengthen the mental health of their employees by bolstering workplace early intervention and support programs.

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Energy Super takes on mental health

Industry super fund for the energy industry, Energy Super, has teamed up with national health promotion foundation, SuperFriend, to promote mental health among Queensland energy and resource industry employers.

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Industry fund encourages members to claim insurance

An industry superannuation fund has started an online campaign to help explain to its members how to claim on their group insurance policies.

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Don't lawyer up on TPD claims: Energy Super

Energy Super has discouraged its members from seeking external legal advice when making a claim on total and permanent disability or income protection insurance.

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Energy Super delivers record return for members in 2015

Energy Super have managed to generate above average returns for members in the nine-month period to the end of March.

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Energy Super appoints independent Director

Brisbane-based lawyer Christine Maher, with 25 years of legal experience in the superannuation industry, will join the fund's Board of Directors.

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Energy Super Director named 2015 Trustee of the Year by AIST

Congratulations to our long-serving director Bob Henricks. He's just been named the 2015 Trustee of the Year by the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST), recognising his significant commitment to Energy Super, its members and the broader superannuation industry.

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Energy Super tailors insurance for members

Here at Energy Super we have moved away from a ‘One size fits all’ insurance approach and have tailored our insurance offerings to make it more flexible and sustainable, better meeting our members’ different work-life needs.

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Best returns in Australia during 2014

Energy Super has been ranked by SuperRatings an equal 8th in Australia’s top 10 performing balanced options. SuperRatings figures show the average annual returns over the past three years have reached 12 per cent — more than nine per cent above inflation.

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