Take control of your retirement and receive a regular income with an Energy Super income stream account.

What is an income stream and how does it work?

The income stream is set up by transferring a sum from a superannuation account into an income stream account. Regular payments are made from this income stream account to give you an income.

The amount you receive, the frequency of the payments and how long you receive payments, depend on the amount that you use to open the account.

Am I eligible for an income stream?

If you have full access to your super (you might have retired for example) you can apply for an income stream. You will need to have unrestricted non-preserved benefits or have met a condition of release that gives you access to your super. Learn more about conditions of release in the How Super Works Guide

How much money do I need to open an account?

The minimum amount required to open an Energy Super Income Stream account is $50,000. However, if your account balance falls below $50,000 your account can still remain open. A cap of $1.7 million, known as the Transfer Balance Cap, applies to the total amount of super you can transfer into an income stream account over your lifetime. This also includes funds in other income stream accounts you may have with other super funds, but doesn’t include money transferred to a Transition to Retirement (TTR) income stream.

What are the benefits of an income stream?

Income streams give you control and flexibility around how and when you can access your money.

  • You can choose the amount and frequency of your income stream payments (as long as they are above the Government minimum), while still taking advantage of investment returns on your capital.
  • Income stream payments can be made fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. It’s almost like paying yourself a salary.
  • You can change your income stream payment amount during the course of your Income Stream to suit your changing needs or to keep pace with inflation (as long as they are above the Government minimum).
  • You can choose where your money is invested. There are 11 Energy Super investment options to choose from and you can change your investment choice at any time.
  • Your money is “where you can see it”. The Fund provides transparency and accessibility to your account information via Member Portal. You can check your account balance and transaction history, see and change your investment options, update your contact details and much more.
  • There can also be associated tax and social security benefits depending on your circumstances.

How can I fund my immediate retirement plans?

You may wish to access some of your super before starting an Income Stream to do those things you’ve put off until retirement - like going on an overseas holiday, buying a new car or renovating your house.

The good news is, if you’ve retired, you can take some money out of your superannuation as a lump sum first, and then use the remaining balance to start an Income Stream.

What if I need to access additional funds?

If things come up and life changes, you might need funds in addition to your chosen income stream payments. During the life of your Income Stream you can make withdrawals on top of these amounts. There’s no charge for lump sum withdrawals.

What happens to my super or income stream in the event of my death?

The Trustee of the Fund must determine who should receive your death benefit based on superannuation law and the rules of the Trust deed. Depending on circumstances, your death benefit may be paid in the form of either a lump sum, income stream or a combination of both. For more information, please read our Energy Super Income Stream PDS.

To ensure your death benefit is paid the way you want, you should make a beneficiary nomination and always ensure it remains valid and up to date. For more information on beneficiary nominations and death benefits, please refer to the Energy Super Income Stream PDS or speak to one of our financial advisers.

How can I find out more about Income stream?

To find out more read the Energy Super Income Stream PDS or call us on 1300 436 374 for a copy.

Speak to one of the ESI FS financial advisers.

Unsure if an income stream is right for you? Talk to one of the ESI FS dedicated financial advisers to help you decide what's best for you. A fee is charged for this level of advice.

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A snapshot of your Energy Super Income Stream account

Who can invest?

You can if you have a super benefit of at least $50,000 and have reached your preservation age.

Why would you invest?


Have reached your preservation age

Want flexibility in the income you receive each year

Want to structure a tax effective income source

Choosing your  income

You choose how much income you are paid each year, subject to a minimum legislated amount. The amount you choose must be at least the minimum annual payment set by the Government. For more information read the Income Stream PDS.

Lump sum withdrawals

You can make lump sum withdrawals from your Energy Super Income Stream account at any time.

Lump sum withdrawal fee



Once started you can't make additional contributions to your Income Stream, but you can open a second account with a minimum contribution of $50,000.

Frequency of payments

You can choose from four regular payment frequency options:




Half yearly


We'll write to you every July asking you to select your preferred payment option for that financial year. If you have nominated to have your Energy Super Income Stream account payments made monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually, payments will be processed in time to be credited to your bank or other financial institution around the 24th of each payment month (if applicable). If you have nominated to have your Income Stream payments made fortnightly, payments will be processed in time to be credited to your bank or other financial institution every second Wednesday.

How long will your income stream last

Your income stream doesn't have a fixed term so it will last as long as there’s enough money in your account.

Investment choice

You can choose any combination of the 9 available investment options for your income stream account.


Tax free if you’re 60 or more. If you’re under age 60 tax is charged at your marginal tax rate with a 15% tax offset available if you are aged between 55 and 59.

Death benefits

You can nominate a dependant as your Reversionary Beneficiary when you start your Energy Super Income Stream account. This means should you die with money in your account, your Reversionary Beneficiary will continue to receive your income stream. If you choose not to name a Reversionary Beneficiary you can nominate dependants as recipients of your account balance as a lump sum death benefit.

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