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FAQs for KiwiSaver Transfers

  • How can I start the process? What information do I need?

    Request our Kiwisaver Transfer Starter email by filling out the easy form on this web page (located just above these FAQs). You will then instantly receive an email from Energy Super with the steps and information required to complete your KiwiSaver transfer with us.

  • Is there a cost to transfer my KiwiSaver to Energy Super?

    There is no cost from Energy Super to transfer your KiwiSaver to your Energy Super account.  Please be aware that it will be subject to the exchange rate on the day we receive the funds. You will also need to check with your KiwiSaver if there is any fees to transfer funds or close your KiwiSaver account.

  • How long does it take to transfer my KiwiSaver to Energy Super?

    You can join Energy Super online in less than 5 minutes. However, the KiwiSaver transfer process can take approximately 4-6 weeks.  Once you have completed all the transfer steps and we finalise the transfer, we will send you a letter confirming the details of the account that holds your KiwiSaver funds, the amount transferred from your KiwiSaver account and date we received the funds.

  • Does Energy Super have any conditions regarding KiwiSaver transfer?

    You are required to open an Energy Super account, and then you can contact your KiwiSaver to start the transfer process. Once the funds are transferred to your Energy Super account, if at a later date you choose to leave the Fund for any reason, we can only transfer these funds back to either a KiwiSaver or another fund that accepts KiwiSaver transfers.

  • How do I move my other Australian superannuation funds to Energy Super?

    If you have multiple Australian superannuation accounts, consolidating your super into Energy Super could save you from paying multiple sets of fees and make it easier to keep track of your super. To transfer all your funds into your Energy Super account, simply complete the Transfer Your Super e-Form or visit MyGov to consolidate online through the ATO.

    Please check with your other funds about exit or withdrawal fees, or whether you’ll have any loss of services or benefits such as insurance before you rollover your super. If you’re unsure about what’s best for you, you can access expert financial advice from us.

  • Can I ask my employer to make contributions into my Energy Super account?

    Please read our Member Guide & PDS to determine if opening an Energy Super account is right for you.

    After you have set up an Energy Super account and transferred your KiwiSaver funds to your Energy Super account, you may also wish to consider asking your employer to begin making superannuation guarantee payments into your account on your behalf. To nominate your Energy Super account as your choice of fund, please return a completed Pay My Super into Energy Super form and our Letter of Compliance to your employer.

  • Can I use my KiwiSaver for COVID-19 early release of super?

    Applications for early release of super to the ATO (Australian Tax Office) closed on 31/12/20. For more information see the ATO here .

  • Can I use my KiwiSaver transfer for First Home Super Saver (FHSS) Scheme?

    KiwiSaver funds transferred to an Australian superannuation fund are generally considered to be eligible contributions under the FHSS scheme. For more information please visit the ATO website or contact the ATO directly. Ultimately the application and assessment process for release under the FHSS scheme is facilitated through the ATO, and therefore Energy Super is not able to advise as to whether you will be entitled to withdraw your KiwiSaver for this purpose.