Managing your super

Managing your super is all about being aware of your financial position and taking small steps to grow your wealth now. For later.

It makes sense that if you keep your super contributions up, and your fees down, your super will grow. But you don’t have to leave it at that: there are things you can do to help it grow faster. For example, the investment option you choose can make a difference to your overall balance at retirement. And, of course, how much you contribute - and how often.

Do you have a Defined Benefit Account?

Find out more information about how your Defined Benefit account works, your options in retirement and how our friendly team can help you.

Got protection?

If you couldn’t work, would you and your family be ok?

With the right insurance, you can get up to 80% of your salary covered for up to 2 years.

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Are you investing right?

We offer 11 different Energy Super investment options, from defensive to aggressive.

If you’re not sure which investment option is right for you, our expert financial advisers can help you decide.