Manager Fund Name Investment Style Website
Natixis Global Asset Management Loomis Sayles Credit Opportunities Fund
  • High yield senior securities and senior bank loans
  • Investment objective is to seek to outperform three month US Dollar LIBOR by 400 basis points per annum net of fees over a market cycle prior to hedging the Portfolio back into Australian dollars
  • The Fund invests primarily in Global High Yield Securities including Emerging Market Securities and US Senior Loans, and can also invest in Treasury Securities, Treasury Futures, cash, foreign currency forward contracts and derivatives
Payden & Rygel Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund

The Payden Global Income Opportunities Fund is designed to generate steady and dependable returns regardless of the market environment and aims to produce a positive rate of return above the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index.

The Fund's investments may include but are not limited to the following: global corporate, sovereign and supranational issues; high yield debt; agency issues; emerging markets debt; mortgage backed and asset backed securities; convertible bonds; syndicated bank loans; currency; and derivatives to generate return.

The investment Manager adds medium- term thematic views, in which macroeconomic, demographic, geopolitical and other themes are analysed to understand the associated market implications, and uses short term tactical trading to add incremental value. The Investment Manager may incorporate hedges to mitigate the potential effects of extreme market conditions.

The fund aims to provide:

  • a return of 250 basis points after fees above the benchmark, over the medium term; and
  • income via quarterly distributions.
BNP Paribas BnP V350

The Portfolio is actively managed and is diversified across a broad range of assets from bond markets globally to money market instruments and currencies. It is designed to deliver consistent returns throughout the investment cycle while remaining within strict risk parameters.

The  investment philosophy adopted for managing fixed income portfolios consists of five components:

  • Systematic use of multiple alpha strategies delivers consistent returns
  • Blending qualitative analysis and quantitative models yield superior results
  • Specialized, accountable and incentivized managers make better decisions
  • Management of risk ranks hand-in-hand with the search for alpha
  • Constant innovation keeps them ahead of the curve.

The Manager implements a flexible fixed income strategy via systematic use of multiple alpha strategies, targeting long-term positive returns managed to a target risk; they deliver an unconstrained approach that uses derivatives and flexible cash limits to mitigate market volatility.  Within given risk parameters, they seek to add value through both an active allocation across global fixed income asset classes and stock selection within each asset class.

The objective of the Portfolio is to seek to generate positive absolute returns consistent with a target volatility of 350 basis points.  The benchmark index for the Portfolio is the Bloomberg Ausbond Bank Bill Index (Code: BAUBIL) in AUD – Unhedged.

Oaktree Capital Management

Global Credit Strategy

The Portfolio is designed to:

  • Earn attractive total return and current income with volatility limited through diversification
  • Invest in liquid credit opportunities across Oaktree’s platform of high yield bonds, senior loans, structured credit, emerging markets debt and convertibles
  • Generate value from three sources:
    • Exposure to credit strategies not easily accessed and requiring specialised expertise
    • Security selection based on bottom-up, proprietary credit research
    • Capital allocation among strategies based on our relative value assessment

List of Defensive Alternatives can be viewed here

The QIC Government Office Fund has been allocated to Property although it is held within the Defensive alternatives asset class within the fund

All data is current as at 30 June 2020, all values are unaudited and subject to change.

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