ManagerFund NameInvestment StyleWebsite
Harding LoevnerQuality Growth
  • Tax-conscious strategy encompassing a buy and hold approach utilising 60–70 stocks and a low expected annual turnover
  • Bottom up analysis focused on quality and growth
Robeco Hong Kong LimitedEnhanced Indexing

With its Enhanced Indexing strategies, Robeco provides a better alternative to passive investing. This approach enhances the risk/return and sustainability profile of an index by implementing small over and underweight positions to the index.

Robeco integrates sustainability into every step of the investment process: from stock ranking to portfolio construction. Robeco focusses on stocks that provide the following characteristics:

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Momentum
  • Analyst Revisions
Longview PartnersGlobal Equities
  • Bottomup basis that seeks to invest only in quality companies, with improving business fundamentals and attractive cashbased valuations
  • Concentrated growth investment philosophy
Sands CapitalGlobal Growth
  • Independent, research driven approach based on a bottomup fundamental focused
Neuberger Berman Australia Pty LtdEmerging Markets Equity Trust
  • Focus on high return emerging markets securities with sustainable cash flow growth potential
Bell Asset ManagementGlobal Small & Mid Cap

Bell Asset Management's (BAM) approach to investing in global equities is based on the firm belief that a portfolio of very high quality businesses will deliver above average returns over the medium-to-long term. With this in mind, they seek to identify superior companies with sustainable competitive advantages and an ability to consistently generate above average returns on capital.

BAM takes a bottom-up fundamental approach. As fundamental investors, they focus on particular company specific attributes, including the judgement of the ‘quality’ of a company. This is done by assessing Management, Franchise Strength, Profitability, Financial Strength & Business Drivers.

The final part of the process before portfolio construction is to consider valuation. BAM’s investment time horizon is 3+ years, but they value companies based on an appropriate earnings multiple applied to their earnings estimate on a rolling basis, 1 to 2 years ahead.
Macquarie Investment Management Australia LtdMacquarie True Index
International Equities Fund

The Macquarie True Index International Equities Fund aims to provide investors with pre-tax returns that equal the returns of the MSCI World ex-Australia ex-Tobacco Net Dividends Index Reinvested in Australian dollars (unhedged).

The Fund achieves this by:
a) investing in shares, derivatives and cash, with the aim of providing exposure that closely resembles the exposure of the Index, and
b) entering into a swap agreement with Macquarie Financial Holdings Pty Limited (Swap Counterparty).

These arrangements enable the Fund to provide True Indexing regardless of the performance of the Underlying Investments.

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List of International Shares can be viewed here

All data is current as at 30 June 2020, all values are unaudited and subject to change.

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