Manager Fund Name Investment Style Website
Ardea Ardea Pure Alpha Fund (APA)
  • The Ardea Pure Alpha Strategy (APA) aims to target a return in excess of the cash rate and inflation by investing across global interest rate markets
  • The strategy invests in physical bonds and derivatives, the investment portfolio is highly liquid and has minimal directional interest rate risk and excludes credit investments
BNP Paribas BNP V350
  • The BNP V350 Strategy aims to deliver returns subject to a return volatility of 3.5% hence the unique fund name
  • BNP compares relative value opportunities across all fixed income and currency markets simultaneously in an effort to diversify returns, and generate a better risk-adjusted return profile throughout a market cycle

Oaktree Capital Management

Global Global Credit Strategy
  • The Oaktree Global Credit Strategy seeks to generate an attractive total return investing mainly in liquid credit securities across the Oaktree credit platform. The strategy is designed to be opportunistic and as such, portfolio composition will change over time in line with market conditions
  • Investments are primarily held in high yield bonds (US and Europe), senior loans (US and Europe), structured credit (corporate and real estate debt), emerging markets debt and convertible bonds
Payden & Rygel Payden & Rygel Absolute Return Investing (PARI) Strategy
  • The objective of the PARI Strategy is to provide a return over the Bank Bill Index of 2-3% and mitigate drawdowns to no more than 5% over a 3-5 year time period
  • The strategy is unconstrained by market benchmarks and aims to allocate assets to the most attractive risk-adjusted opportunities available. The portfolio has been invested across a diverse range of assets within the fixed income universe across bonds, loans, asset backed securities, collateralised loan obligations and taking tactical positions on rates and currencies to enhance returns
PIMCO PIMCO Global Bond Fund
  • The PIMCO Bond Fund invests in global fixed interest securities to maximize total return and preserve capital
  • The strategy predominately invests in government, corporate, mortgage and other global fixed interest securities. PIMCO invests in mainly investment grade securities, but may also hold attractive opportunities in other securities as well as emerging market securities