Consolidate your super

Combining your super into one account could save you fees and makes it easier to keep track of your super.

Benefits of consolidating

Save money on fees

Find lost super

Easier to manage

Do you have more than one super account? You may have worked for multiple employers in your life or forgotten about other super accounts. Consolidating your accounts into one super account means you can avoid multiple account fees – helping build your savings for a better retirement.

How do I consolidate my super?

You can do one of the following:

  • Go to Member Login. In your member dashboard menu under 'Contributions', select and click on ‘Consolidate’ to find your other super accounts.

Member Login


  • Use the online Transfer Your Super form

Transfer Your Super

Alternatively, you can download a Transfer Your Super form and return this to us by email or post.

Find and combine your lost super

Do you need help finding your other super accounts from past jobs?

Log into Member Portal here. In your dashboard menu under Contributions, click on ‘Consolidate’ to help find your other super accounts.

See more about Lost Super here.

Things to consider

Before consolidating your super, check with other funds if this will affect your insurance or any benefits you have and if there will be any fees for closing an account.

Our friendly member contact consultants can answer any questions you have and get you underway – call us today on 1300 436 374 or request a callback .

Any advice is general in nature and not specific to your particular circumstances. You should consider your financial situation before acting on the advice. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available from or by calling 1300 436 374. Before making an investment decision you should consider the PDS and whether Energy Super  is right for you.  Electricity Supply Industry Superannuation (Qld) Ltd (ABN 30 069 634 439) (AFSL 336567) is the Trustee and issuer of Energy Super (ABN 33 761 363 685). Financial advice is provided by ESI Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 93 101 428 782) (AFSL 224952), a wholly owned entity of Energy Super.

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