Defined Benefit

The Defined Benefit (DB) fund is for members who are employed by participating employers that provide superannuation for their employees under a DB arrangement through the Fund.

The Defined Benefit account is closed to new members.

How does it work?

Your employer makes contributions to the fund, while you contribute a percentage of your salary to the fund. Member contributions are compulsory and, for most members, this will be at the rate of 5% of your superannuation salary (or 5.88%, if you salary sacrifice your compulsory contribution). These contributions are added together into the DB pool and provides benefits to all members of that fund.

Your portion of the DB pool is a calculated benefit generally related to your membership period and your superannuation salary. Your DB account generally grows as it is partly based on your salary multiplied by your membership period.

Calculated using a formula

Your defined benefit is equal to the greater of (A), (B) or (C)

  • (A) 2.5 x Member Account (this is capped at age 55) + Accumulation account;
  • (B) Final Average Salary1 (FAS) x Members' Benefit Multiple2 (MBM) x Member Reserve Factor3 (MR) + Accumulation account or
  • (C) MINIMUM REQUISITE BENEFIT (MRB – the minimum benefit payable based on Superannuation Guarantee legislation) + Accumulation

Login into the Member Portal for a benefit quote, which you can find under the account summary tab.

Not impacted by market movements

With a DB account, your employer makes super contributions determined by the Fund’s Actuary. This contribution rate aims to ensure your benefits are always fully funded. So your retirement savings aren't subject to market fluctuations.

Check out the latest performance of the DB investment pool.

Super contributions

DB members can make voluntary personal contributions before or after tax. Your voluntary member contributions will be paid into a separate Accumulation account attached to your DB account. Visit our Making Contributions page more information about contribution rules and limits.

Investment Choices

If you make any personal contributions or transfer other super into the Fund these are invested in an Accumulation account, where you can choose from 11 different Energy Super  investment options, from defensive to aggressive.

Unless you have selected otherwise, voluntary contributions and rollovers into your accumulation account will be invested in the MySuper option.  Please note: that only voluntary contributions made through your employer can be invested in the Smoothed Return and Capital Guarantee options.

Where to get further information

Contact us today on 1300 436 374 or check out:

  • Energy Super Defined Benefit Handbook
  • Defined Benefit (DB) members working less fact sheet
    1Your final Average Salary is the average of your salary advised to the Fund by your employer over either a one or two year period up to 30 June.

    2This multiple is calculated by multiplying your membership period (in years) by 19.5%. The multiple is capped once you reach age 70 or 65 if you are employed by NRG Gladstone.

    3This factor is calculated using a 2% discount per year from age 55 (when the factor = 1) to age 40(when the factor =0.7). Some members may have a different arrangement.


Insurance cover just for DB members

Income Protection (temporary disablement benefit)

A temporary disablement benefit is available to DB account members of up to 80% of your superannuation salary at the time you became entitled to the benefit. Your DB membership means that you do not pay for your temporary disablement cover.

Total and permanent disability (TPD) cover

Your DB membership includes a TPD benefit cover until you are 60 years of age. The benefit payable for TPD is a lump sum calculated in the same way as your Death benefit.

Death cover

Your DB membership includes a Death benefit cover until you are 60 years of age. A Death benefit will be paid to your dependants, or your Legal Personal Representative, if you die while you are a member of the Fund.

More information on the insurance cover, eligibility and the benefit calculations please refer to the DB Handbook.

If your Income Protection, Death & TPD cover is not enough for your circumstances, i.e. you need additional insurance cover, you can apply for more  cover. You have to pay for this insurance and it is subject to the insurers’s underwriting (medical assessment) conditions.

For more information about additional insurance cover available to members, download the Energy Super Insurance Guide

Tailored Member Events

DB members are invited to learn more about how their account works and get answers to some frequently asked questions.

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