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During December 2021, appointments with a financial adviser will still be at our old Eagle Street office. From Monday 3 January 2022, appointments with a financial adviser will be at our Ann Street office. For all our new details visit our contact us page.

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Death insurance can give you peace of mind by knowing that, if you die before age 70 or are diagnosed with a terminal illness, your family or estate will be provided with a lump sum payment.

Your beneficiaries will receive this in addition to the balance of your Energy Super benefit. Use the below nomination forms to nominate who your beneficiaries are:

If you have an Energy Super Income Stream or Market Linked Pension account, you may be eligible for Death Only insurance cover.

You can choose from two types of Death Only insurance:

  • unit-based, where you purchase a number of units and the value of each unit decreases each year on your birthday while the cost of your premium remains the same, or
  • fixed-dollar cover, where you choose a level of cover and the cost of your premium rises each year on your birthday.

You may be eligible for even lower premiums if your job is performed primarily in an office environment.

How much Death cover do I have?

You may have received cover depending on how you joined the Fund. You can check your level of cover on the Member Portal or your Annual Statement.

You can adjust your cover any time by visiting our Insurance Hub or completing a Change of Insurance Form.

If applying for additional cover you may need to complete a Personal Statement and undergo medical tests in some circumstances.

You can learn more about the terms and conditions for Death insurance in the Energy Super Insurance Guide

As a member of the Fund, you've got access to personalised financial advice  about your insurance cover over the phone at no extra cost.

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