Energy Super is moving to 333 Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld 4001 on 7 December 2021.

During December 2021, appointments with a financial adviser will still be at our old Eagle Street office. From Monday 3 January 2022, appointments with a financial adviser will be at our Ann Street office. For all our new details visit our contact us page.

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Income Protection insurance cover means peace of mind for you and your family if you’re suddenly incapacitated and need time to recover.

Our Income Protection insurance provides you with an income replacement payment in the event that a temporary disablement prevents you from working.  This cover can be provided for up to two years, or, if you have selected the extended cover, until you reach age 65.

Standard Income Protection insurance (up to two years) pays the lesser of 80% of your income or the level of cover you received automatically or applied for. A superannuation benefit is also payable into your Energy Super account equal to the lesser of 10% of income or 10% of the benefit level for which you are insured.

Arrangements for Defined Benefit members differ to those above.  If you’re a Defined Benefit member and would like more information, please read the Defined Benefit Handbook, call us on 1300 436 374 or email us.

Our size means we are able to negotiate great premium rates for our members.  You may be eligible for even lower premiums if your job is performed primarily in an office environment. To review current indexed premium rates, please see the Energy Super Insurance Guide.

How much Income Protection insurance do I have?

You may have received automatic cover depending on how you joined the Fund. You can check your level of cover on the Member Portal or your Annual Statement.

You can apply for extra cover or adjust your cover any time by visiting the Insurance Hub or by completing the Change of Insurance Form.

You can learn more about our Income Protection insurance in the Energy Super Insurance Guide.

If you’d like some personalised expert advice about your insurance cover over the phone you can access single issue advice service at no extra cost.

How much does Income Protection insurance cost?

You can estimate the weekly cost of your short term (2 year benefit) income protection cover using our calculator.

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