You have options

There are 11 Energy Super investment options for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

But you’re not locked into just one. You can choose to spread your money between multiple investment options. And you can switch your options at any time via the Member Portal at no cost to you.

Historically, the Energy Super’s investment options have achieved strong long-term growth,  but it’s important to note (and we’re required by law to tell you) that past performance doesn’t guarantee future performance.

Our investment options are listed below in order of risk from left to right (learn about standard risk measures)—with the most defensive strategies at the top. Follow the links for details about investment objectives, and the strategy and asset allocation of each.

You can also check out our compare investment options page for a snapshot view, and access past performance graphs.

Investment options

You don’t need to decide right away

We can get your super working for you in the meantime if you don’t want to choose an investment option right now.

If and when you’re ready to change, you can jump onto the Member Portal and change your investment selection online.

Talk to us when you’re ready

You’re always welcome to give us a call, or make an appointment to come in and have a chat about our services.

Not sure which option or strategy is best for you? Make a phone appointment with one of the ESI FS financial advisers at no additional cost to you.

We can help you set a path to a comfortable and secure retirement.

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What if I don’t make a choice?

That’s perfectly okay. In fact, most super members don’t ever get around to making a choice.

That’s why super funds have what’s called a ‘default’ option which is where your money is automatically invested when you haven’t made a choice. Our default options are:

  • Super members—the MySuper investment option is the default.
  • Income Stream (incl. Transition to Retirement Income Stream and Market Linked Pension) members—the default investment strategy is a combination of the Cash Enhanced, Stable and Capital Managed investment options.
  • Family law splits—for accounts created on family law splits, MySuper is the default option, unless a spouse is a current Defined Benefit member; in this case the default option will be Cash Enhanced.
  • Death benefits—Cash Enhanced is also the default option for holding death benefits in the fund.

You can switch out of these default options any time you choose.

I do most of my stuff online and it’s brilliant. I can change my mix once or more a year… When the share market is up and there’s growth, I can convert it. I have full control.

— Member

More research tools

Read our Investment Guide, try our online calculators, or come along to one of our seminars to find out more.

When you’re ready, talk to one of our expert financial advisers about how we can get your super working for you.

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