Investment Options
Investment Options

Investment Options

Whatever your investment needs, Energy Super has options to suit you.

As an Energy Super member, you have the freedom to choose from a range of investment options that suit your lifestyle and financial goals.

That is why we have provide you with eleven investment options to choose from.

To view the investment objectives, strategy and asset allocation of each of Energy Super's investment options click on the relevant link.

Each of these options has different objectives and strategies that will provide different risk levels and returns. Learn more about Standard Risk Measures.

Best of all, you’re not tied down to one investment strategy.  You can choose to invest 100% in just one option or you can tailor your investment strategy to suit your needs by investing in more than one.

If you’re unsure about which investment option, or combination of options, is right for you please read our Investment Guide, access our online calculators, come along to one of our seminars or get expert financial advice. We’re here to help you make the most of your super.

Default options

Please note that if you don't give us investment instructions your superannuation will be invested in one of the following default options:

  • Super members - the MySuper investment option is the default for super members.
  • Income Stream (incl. Transition to Retirement Income Stream and Market Linked Pension) members - the default investment strategy is a combination of the Cash Enhanced, Stable and Capital Managed investment options.
  • Family law splits - for accounts created on family law splits, MySuper is the default option, unless a spouse is a current Energy Super Defined Benefit member in which case the default option will be Cash Enhanced.
  • Death benefits - Cash Enhanced is also the default option for holding death benefits in the fund.

Don’t forget, you can switch out of these default options whenever you’re ready to make a choice.