The Capital Guarantee option is closed.


  • Provide a return similar to the Balanced investment option but smoothed by movements to and from the reserve, less 1% but not less than zero;
  • Achieve returns (after tax and other costs) over rolling ten years period 2% above "CPI*".

Please note: Returns are not guaranteed.


The Capital Guarantee investment option is invested in the same way as the Defined Benefit investment pool.

Investment timeframe

Total indirect fees and cost

2021/22 0.97%** More information

Long Term Strategic Asset Allocation

The Capital Guarantee option is invested in the same way as the Defined Benefit pool. Click here for more information.

*The total indirect fees and costs (administration fees, investment fees and indirect cost ratio) is the same as the Balanced option, please see the How Super Works Guide.


Investment option FYTD (%) Crediting Rates to (%)
1yr 3yr 5yr 7yr 10yr

For further information on the Capital Guarantee option please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement applicable to your account.

For a summary of the Energy Super investment options available to members click here.

All returns shown above (expect for MySuper) are net effective earning rates (i.e. after tax and some fees). The FYTD Return and the 1yr rolling return are not annualised. The returns for all other periods are compound annualised averages. The returns for the MySuper (LGIAsuper) are after all investment fees and taxes, and after the 0.18% p.a administration fee. Refer to the Energy Super Annual Report for more information on how rates are calculated.

Investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

* CPI is measured by the All Groups Consumer Price Index For Australia.

** The total indirect fees and costs (including the indirect administration fee) is the estimated cost for the 2020/21 period.