Energy super is run solely for the benefit of our members. We’re a not for profit fund, which means all profits are returned to members, keeping fees and costs to a minimum.

You can learn more about fees and costs that apply to your Energy Super Defined Contribution or Defined Benefit Accumulation account from the link below.

For more information on fees you can also read our Fees and Other Costs Guide call our contact centre on 1300 4 ENERGY (1300 436 374) or email us.

Fees Overview

Energy Super Defined Contribution

Type of fee Amount How and when paid

Investment fee


Not applicable.

Administration fee

$1.00 per week fixed administration fee ($52 p.a. per member account).The fixed administration fee is deducted monthly in arrears from your account (or when you close your account).

Buy-sell spread

Nil.Not applicable.

Switching fee

If you make a switch using a Change of Investment Choice Form, no investment switching fee is applied on your first switch each financial year. Any additional switches will cost $28. Investment switching is free if you make your switch through your Member Online account.The fee is deducted from your account at the time of the switch.

Exit fee


Deducted from your account at the time you exit the Fund. This fee is not applicable when transferring between Energy Super products.

Advice fees

relating to all members investing in a particular MySuper product or investment option.


Not applicable.

Other fees and costs1

Other fees and costs may apply depending on the services you use.


Indirect cost ratio2

0.22% p.a. of your account balance capped at $1,100 p.a. for eligible amounts including your linked spouse accounts (percentage-based administration cost3)

0.31% - 1.14% p.a. (estimated) depending on the investment option (investment management costs).

The percentage-based administration cost and investment management costs are deducted daily from Fund earnings before crediting rates are declared.

1 See the Fees and Other Costs Guide for information about other fees and costs.

2 Indirect cost ratios (ICRs) are an estimate for the 2017/18 financial year based on the tactical asset allocation of each investment option as at 1 July 2017. They include estimated performance costs (where relevant) which are based on an assumption about the extent to which managers are expected to outperform their benchmark. The actual costs for this and future financial years may be different. Updated estimates are posted on our website from time-to-time when updated information becomes available. Actual costs for each year are disclosed in our Annual Report.

3 See Fees and Other Costs Guide for information about the cap on administration costs and linking your accounts.