Energy Super’s investment goal is to build wealth over the long term, but we are also aware that our performance over the short-term is important for our members.


Market update

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FYTD (%) Rolling returns to (%)
1 yr 3 yr 5 yr 7 yr 10 yr

*Please note that investment earnings on TTR accounts are taxed up to 15%, the same as those for Accumulation (Super) accounts. For pre-1 July 2017 returns for TTR income stream accounts, view our 2017 Annual Report

^Fixed Interest commenced 1 July 2015.

^MySuper commenced 1 September 2013.

^Indexed Balanced commenced 6 April 2019.

FYTD means Financial Year to Date (i.e. starting on 1 July and ending on the date shown).

The investment returns in the table above are provided to show how Energy Super's different investment options have performed over the short and long term (one year or less up to ten years).Where 'n/a' is shown this means that the option has not been available for the full period and therefore returns are not available.

All returns shown above are net effective earning rates (i.e. after tax and some fees). The FYTD Return and the 1yr rolling return are not annualised.

Closed investment options include Capital Guarantee and Smoothed Return.

The Annual Report has more information on how rates are calculated.

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