Want your super to be super?
Want your super to be super?

Want your super to be super?

It's super simple

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We're putting the energy into super

When you get it right, superannuation is all about supercharging your savings, and setting you up for a super life in retirement. So really it should be super-exciting. That’s why Energy Super is putting the energy into super.

The first thing we’ve put our energy into is a series of short videos. The videos below help you understand how super works, without all that complicated financial mumbo-jumbo. They explain the benefits of salary sacrifice and combining super accounts#, and what constitutes a comfortable income in retirement. We hope you pick up some useful tips and don't forget to share these videos with friends and family.

2:29 What's your attitude to risk
2:21 How important is insurance?
1:38 What makes compound interest so wonderful?

Why you should be with Energy Super

Top 10 performing fund*

10 out of 14 of our investment options were ranked in the top 10 funds according to, SuperRatings*

No. 1 growth investment options over the last 10 years^

Energy Super’s Growth investment option is ranked Number 1 over a rolling 10-year period to 31 August 2017, according SuperRatings' SR50 Growth Survey.

10.44% balanced option performance over the last 5 years*

Over the past five years our members have been rewarded with an average return of 10.44% p.a. for the balanced option*

Tailored insurance with just 14 day waiting period**

Our income protection insurance is tailor-made for the energy and electrical industries. Our size and reputation means, we're able to negotiate great premium rates and conditions for our members

Choose investment options that suit your lifestyle & goals

As an Energy Super member, you have the freedom to choose from a range of investment options that suit your lifestyle and financial goals.

Low fees

Energy super is run solely for the benefit of our members. We’re a not for profit fund, which means all profits are returned to members, keeping fees and costs to a minimum.