LGIAsuper (as issuer of Energy Super products) is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.

The ultimate goal is to add value for members and their beneficiaries, as well as participating employers and other stakeholders. LGIAsuper Trustee (as Trustee) seeks to achieve this by delivering quality investments, products and services at a competitive price.

LGIAsuper promotes fairness, transparency and accountability by setting out the rights and responsibilities of the Board and executive management.

Governing Rules:

LGIAsuper is governed by a Trust Deed, which is a legal document that contains the governing rules of the Fund and the Trustee. The Trust Deed sets out the rights and duties of the Trustee, the participating employers and member's, and the rules of payment of benefits to members. The Trust Deed can be amended by the Trustee when necessary.

Download the Trust Deed

Board Documents*:

*Please note these documents are related to the Fund's Board pre 1 July 2021.

More information on the LGIAsuper records of attendance can be found on Our Board page

Governance Framework

LGIAsuper have a range of policies which form our Governance structure

Conflicts Management Policy

The Fund’s Conflicts Management Policy details the methods by which actual and potential conflicts can be identified and dealt with.

These include:

  • Ongoing identification and registration of interests and duties of Directors and Responsible Persons
  • Identification of possible and actual conflicts arising from any other offices, functions or interests held by Directors or Responsible Persons – such as executive roles in other organisations or controlling entities or roles within organisations which  nominate Directors of the Trustee.

Register of relevant duties and interest

All actual and potential conflicts of interest are either avoided or, where they  cannot be avoided, managed through  a combination of internal controls and appropriate disclosure, which includes them being recorded on the relevant compliance register which include

  • all directors of the Trustee
  • all key Executive Officers.
  • an approved auditor
  • the appointed actuary

A relevant duty is, other directorships or employment a responsible person may hold and a relevant interest in any major shareholdings.

Our Voting Policy

We believe that corporate governance is a fundamental component driving the performance of listed companies, and so we have a responsibility to represent your best interest when responding to the corporate actions that arise from our investments.

Whistleblower Policy

At LGIAsuper we are guided by our values. Together our values reflect the priorities of the business and provide guidance in decision making.

Our Whistleblower Policy reinforces our culture of being trusted, reliable and understanding at all times. Where matters arise contrary to our values and culture, this Policy provides a robust and secure process for reporting and investigating these matters.

Outsourced Service Providers

Outsourced services providers are used to assist in the management of Energy Super products issued by LGIAsuper.


At LGIAsuper, our goal is to provide members with high quality, low cost superannuation services to help them achieve their retirement goals. To provide these services the LGIAsuper Trustee must attract and retain quality staff.

Director and management remuneration is reviewed against market rates to ensure it is competitive. Remuneration is reviewed annually and is based on a combination of market alignment, performance and delivery.

The Trustee utilises independent consultants to provide information and advice on market salary rates and remuneration practices, benchmarked against Australian super funds and financial services organisations.

Download the Energy Super directors and executive officers remuneration 2020-21.

Product and Service Updates

You can rely on LGIAsuper (as issuer of Energy Super products) for clear and honest communication. We'll let you know about any material changes to our fund, including any changes that might affect your retirement savings.

View our Summary of significant event notifications (issued to Energy Super account holders) for the past 5 financial years

We communicate these changes through a range of communications channels, such as Member Newsletters, Annual statements and tailored letters. Relevant changes announced in a significant event notice are incorporated into subsequent releases of the applicable Product Disclosure Statement.

Other reports, policies and statements