Tell me more about the Energy Super Board

We understand that the views of all our stakeholders are important, so we ensure the Energy Super Board of Directors includes both employer and member representatives.

The Trustee of Energy Super is Electricity Supply Industry Superannuation (Qld) Ltd (ABN 30 069 634 439 AFSL 336567). Our Board has nine Directors, including four Member Representative Directors and four Employer Representative Directors. As of 2015 the Board appointed its first Independent Director.

  • Chairperson

    Richard Flanagan

    Richard Flanagan (Chair)

    Employer Representative

    Appointed: 23/02/2016  - Current

    Nominated by: Master Electricians Australia

    Richard has been on the Board since February 2016 and is the Managing Director of a major electrical engineering and contracting company, employing up to 300 persons.

    His expertise in governance and risk management has been gained through more than 30 years’ experience running a successful business and through directorships on Boards such as the Queensland Electrical Safety, ECA, Joint Industry Training Company and CIRT.

    Through his experience and roles, he has extensive knowledge related to administration, insurance, business development and strategic business planning.

    Richard makes a significant contribution to the investment skills base of the Board. These skills relate to property and infrastructure asset management through property development, planning and estimating, return on investment analysis, and project management.

    He has complemented these skills through training internally, external investment programs and the Trustee Directors course though AIST.

    Other boards served on:

    • Chairman, ESI Financial Services Pty Ltd
    • Director, CIRT (Qld) Pty Ltd (Contracting Industry Redundancy Trust);
    • Director, Joint Industry Training Company (JETCO);
    • Director, Master Electricians Association Limited (MEA)
    • Director, Master Electricians Australia Limited
    • Director, ME Contractors Pty Ltd
    • Director, Project Safety Switch Limited
    • Director, RFC Group Pty Ltd
    • Secretary and a Director, RFC Group Pty Ltd
    • Secretary and Director, Brishard Pty Ltd
    • Secretary and Director, Flanagan Bros Pty Ltd
    • Secretary and Director, Palm Beach Enterprises
    • Secretary and Director, R & N Flanagan & Company Pty Ltd
    • Secretary and Director, The Original Casablanca Fan Company Pty Ltd
    • Secretary and Director, Trade-Elec Pty Ltd

  • Employer Representative

    Teresa Dyson

    Employer Representative

    Appointed: 01/07/17 - Current

    Nominated by: Energy Queensland Limited

    Teresa is a professional Non-Executive Director with an extensive portfolio of Board positions. She has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours IIA) and is an admitted solicitor in QLD, NSW, Victoria and the High Court. Teresa has extensive knowledge and skills in business issues, strategic decision-making and critical operational matters, acquisitions, divestment and re-organisation structuring. Her industry experience includes the financial services sector, transport services, infrastructure projects and the resources industry.

    Her governance and risk management skills have been gained through her roles as a Partner for accounting and law firms and her directorships in health, energy, not-for-profit, infrastructure and Federal Treasury appointments.

    Teresa’s investment skills are extensive, with Masters degrees in both Tax and Applied Finance in addition to her legal, advisory and management roles.

    Other boards served on:

    • Director, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Board
    • Director, Energy Queensland Limited
    • Director, Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education Limited
    • Director, Gritem Pty Ltd
    • Director, Gritem Superannuation Pty Ltd (Trustee of SMSF)
    • Director, Genex Power Limited
    • Director, National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation
    • Director, Power and Water Corporations (Northern Territory) Limited
    • Director, Seven West Media Ltd
    • Director, Shine Justice Ltd
    • Director, ESI Financial Services Pty Ltd

    Sarah Zeljko

    Sarah Zeljko

    Employer Representative

    Appointed: 01/04/2018 – Current

    Nominated by: Powerlink Queensland

    Sarah Zeljko is on the board of Powerlink, Queensland’s electricity transmission business, where she Chairs their People and Culture Committee. She is an Expert Member on the Ministerial Advisory Council for Flood Mitigation Manuals, and is also on the Board of Millovate, a 200h development in Morton Bay.

    She is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and an admitted Legal Practitioner in the NSW and QLD Supreme Court. She is a Governance Consultant, professional mentor and has previously held roles as General Counsel and Company Secretary for G8 Education an ASX200 listed entity, the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET), and Cement Australia.

    Sarah’s executive career spans a broad range of industries including construction, mining, manufacturing, water and energy. Her experience with both large government-owned and corporate organisations have also led to extensive knowledge and skills in remuneration and people management, technology and digital projects, marketing, advertising and customer service operations.

    Other boards served on:

    • Director, Powerlink Queensland
    • Expert Member, Ministerial Advisory Council for Flood Mitigation Manuals, Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.
    • Director, Stockyard Group Pty Ltd
    • Director, Stockyard Pastoral Pty Ltd
    • Director, Kerwee Lot Feeders Pty Ltd
    • Director, Stockyard Pty Ltd
    • Director, Stockyard Personnel Pty Ltd
    • Director SMP No. 1 Pty Ltd
    • Director SMP No. 2 Pty Ltd
    • Director, Millovate Pty Ltd
    • Director, Unity Water
    • Director, LogiCamms

    Armand Mahne

    Employer Representative

    Appointed: 01/06/2018 - Current

    Nominated by: Energy Queensland Limited

    Armand is the General Manager responsible for Financial Planning and Analysis at Energy Queensland, which includes the Investment Governance function as part of his portfolio.

    His qualifications, experience and skills complement the Board with more than 20 years’ experience in various financial and commercial roles providing expertise in finance and audit. A chartered accountant registered with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, he has filled senior roles with major accounting and advisory firms and more recently Energex, where he acted as CFO during the merger of the Queensland based electricity distribution entities. These roles have equipped him with skills in risk management, financial audit, governance and strategic planning.

    His investment skills are supported by his educational background which includes a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), in addition to his experience in treasury functions, funding and foreign exchange management, operational finance such as working capital management, due diligence and financial modelling. His finance roles have also provided experience in insurance, superannuation and digital delivery requirements.

    Other boards served on:

    • Director, SOOP Investment Holdings Pty Ltd
    • Director, SOOP Investments Pty Ltd

  • Member Representative

    Scott Wilson

    Scott Wilson

    Member Representative

    Appointed: 01/12/2011 - Current

    Nominated by: Electrical Trade Union (ETU)

    Scott is Energy Super’s longest serving Director, having been on the Board since 2011. He currently sits, or has sat on, each of the other Committees of the Board as well as the Board of ESI Financial Services. He has a deep knowledge of Energy Super and its operations.

    He has held previous Board experience as a Director of Electro Group Training and Apprentices. His skills in RSE governance and risk management, investments, finance and audit have been supplemented by graduating from the AIST Trustee Directors training course, attaining RG146 qualifications and he is currently undertaking a Diploma of Superannuation.

    As a member of the Fund since 1982, together with his work as a Training Officer and Union State Organiser, he has provided critical insights into Member services such as insurance, financial advice, education and communication. He has also supplemented his experience and knowledge with formal training of 30 hours each year and other qualifications such as CERT IV in Training and Assessment. As a Director of ESI Financial Services, and given his experience in industrial relations through his external roles, Scott has a strong knowledge of remuneration and people.

    Other boards served on:

    • Director, ESI Financial Services Pty Ltd

    Neisha Traill

    Neisha Traill (Deputy Chair)

    Member Representative

    Appointed: 28/02/2017 – Current

    Nominated by: Electrical Trade Union (ETU)

    Appointed as Deputy Chair in October Neisha provides diversity of thinking as our youngest member on the Board. She is highly aware of the needs and nuances of the younger membership. She complements the Board by providing expertise in industrial relations, member advocacy and member knowledge. She has Responsible Superannuation Entity (RSE) governance and risk management skills through AIST’s Trustee Director training course and has previously been a Member of Australian Super’s Queensland Advisory Board.

    Her member services, remuneration and people experience has been gained through her role as an ETU industrial officer. In that role, she has prepared industrial agreements, employment-related advice and fulfilled advocacy roles in the Industrial Relations Commission and the broader community.

    She has focused on investment skills as a member of the Board through participating in investment related training through AIST, ASFA and internal education.

    Other boards served on:


    Jennifer Thomas

    Member Representative

    Appointed: 01/10/2017 - Current

    Nominated by: Queensland Service Union

    Jennifer is the Executive President of the Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union Queensland (Services and Northern Administrative) Branch and the Queensland Services, Industrial Union of Employees (The Services Union). As the Executive President, Jennifer’s responsible for a union membership of 12,900 and the union’s overall function including financial and industrial relation activities.

    Jennifer has skills in Board strategy, industrial relations, remuneration and people through her current role, her roles as Vice President of the QLD Council of Unions, Executive Committee member of the Australian Services Union and Board and Committee memberships with Jobs Queensland, the QLD Government Energy Skills Advisory Committee for the Just Transition Group and QLD Government Housing Advisory Council.

    She has a Commerce degree and as a QSU executive has skills in education, member advocacy and digital services. Her investment management skills have been developed through her AIST Trustee Director courses, her university education in commerce and her role with the QSU. Jennifer has also had extensive advocacy experience in superannuation having campaigned for better retirement outcomes for Members, all working Australians and closing the superannuation gender gap.

    Other boards served on:

    • Assistant Secretary, Queensland Services, Industrial Union of Employees
    • Director, Jobs Queensland
    • National Vice President and Executive Member, The Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union (National Union)
    • Executive President, The Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union, Queensland Branch (Trading as The Services Union)
    • Vice President & Executive Member, Qld Council of Unions Executive & Management Committee
    • Director of ESI Financial Services Pty Ltd

    Rebecca GirardRebecca Girard

    Member Representative

    Appointed: 31/03/2020 - current

    Nominated by: Queensland Service Union

    Rebecca Girard is the Industrial Coordinator at the Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union Queensland (Services and Northern Administrative) Branch and the Queensland Services, Industrial Union of Employees (The Services Union) and has worked with the Union since 2005. Rebecca leads a team of experienced Industrial Officers at The Services Union who represent members from an array of Industries across Queensland.

    Rebecca has extensive experience in member services and member satisfaction.  She has been responsible for implementing significant changes to the delivery of member services  at the Union working to identify quality customer service improvements as well as the development of her team.

    She brings with her a wealth of knowledge about the Energy Industry having been responsible for the Union’s industrial strategy within the Industry since 2008.

    Overseeing the negotiation of countless Enterprise Bargaining Agreements and the Genco Review, Rebecca has also represented Energy Industry workers in industrial disputes before the Fair Work Commission. She was involved in the initial processes surrounding the Energex and Ergon Energy merger as well as a being a team member in the establishment of CleanCO.

    Having recently completed the AIST Trustee Director course, Rebecca has an understanding of governance and risk management.

    Other boards served on:

    • Director,Community Services Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Authority

  • Independent Director

    Christine Maher

    Christine Maher

    Independent Director

    Appointed: 31/03/2015 - Current

    Nominated by: Energy Super Board

    Christine is a former superannuation and governance lawyer with over 30 years’ experience in advising the financial services sector and now a professional non-executive director. Christine was a partner of national law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth Lawyers for over 25 years and has extensive board experience in the financial services sector, including directorships with QSuper, Suncorp, WorkCover Queensland and CCW Superannuation Pty Ltd.

    Christine is a former director of ASFA Limited and the former Chair of the Law Council of Australia’s Superannuation Committee. She has lectured in superannuation law at the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology and has also undertaken the AIST Trustee Directors training course.

    Other boards served on:

    • Director, Castellan Asset Management Pty Ltd
    • Director, Heritage Charitable Foundation Limited
    • Director, Gregory Terrace Foundation Limited

Roles and Responsibilities:

In carrying out its responsibilities and powers, the Board recognises its overriding responsibility to act honestly, fairly, diligently and in accordance with the relevant law in the best interest of members and beneficiaries.

The Board is responsible for:

  • providing strategic direction for products, services and investment objectives for Energy Super;
  • monitoring the implementation of the policies, for those products, services and investment management;
  • overseeing the establishment of a framework for the identification and policies for the management of risks;
  • monitoring the exercise of delegated authorities to Board Committees and senior management;
  • overseeing compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical standards; and
  • appointing, reviewing performance and terminating the Chief Executive Officer and Fund Secretary.

In performing the responsibilities set out above, the Board seeks to act ethically and transparently and adheres to a Directors' Code of Conduct, requiring Directors to:

  • Honesty and Integrity: act honestly, in good faith and with utmost integrity in all matters concerning the Fund;
  • Act in the Best Interests of Beneficiaries: ensure all actions and decisions concerning the Fund are made in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the Fund;
  • Act impartially: deal fairly with all classes of beneficiaries and all beneficiaries within a class;
  • Conduct in all Board and Committee meetings: ensure all Directors prepare thoroughly for meetings, actively participate and exercise independent judgment and understand the financial, strategic and other implications of decisions or make reasonable enquiries to remain properly informed of these decisions. See the Board record of attendance (PDF) for the past 7 financial years and Committee meetings attendance (PDF) for the 2019-20 financial year;
  • Exercise Skill, Care and Diligence;
  • Comply with all Fund governance policies;  
  • Confidentiality: maintain confidentiality of all information received by Directors.

The Board works to promote and maintain an environment within which the principles and approaches above are adopted by all of its Directors, officers, employees and representatives.

Energy Super’s Executive Management and employees must adhere to a Code of Conduct which requires staff to conduct themselves in a professional manner, whilst ensuring they act in the best interests of the Fund and its members.

Board Performance

Each year the Board engages an independent external consultant to evaluate the performance of the Board and each Director.

The Board evaluation focuses on areas such as Board functioning, effectiveness, governance and attitudes towards Board membership more generally.

The results of the Board and individual Director evaluations are considered by the Board and where required, any action items arising from the evaluations are implemented by the Board.

Each Director also has in place an annual training plan which focuses on the continued development of the professional skills and knowledge required to perform the Director’s role. These plans are reviewed annually by the Board in accordance with its Fit and Proper Policy.

Nomination, appointment and removal of Directors

The Board has established and implemented a Board Renewal Policy that clearly defines and documents the competencies required of Directors, documenting the process for nomination, appointment and removal of Directors. This ensures a diverse Board composed of highly competent and committed Directors.

To ensure all views and ideas of employers and members are heard equally, the Trustee maintains equal number of four employer and four member representatives.  One additional Independent Director may also be appointed.

The employer representatives are nominated by two representatives from Energy Queensland, one from Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), and an employer who the Board believes are not represented by Energy Queensland and ECA.  The member representatives are nominated by two representatives from the Electrical Trades Union (ETU), one from the Queensland Services Union (QSU), and one from either the ETU or QSU on a rotational basis every two years.  There is one Independent Director, chosen by the employer and member representative Directors.

Directors are appointed for a term of no more than three years or two years for the rotational member Director, after which they may be nominated to accept reappointment, up to a maximum tenure of 12 years.
Each Director must meet the fitness and propriety standards before their appointment is finalised and on an ongoing basis.  The Governance, Remuneration and Nomination Committee is responsible for assessing nominees for nomination, appointment and removal as Directors and submitting to the Board recommendations for suitable candidates.

Directors can be removed if they no longer satisfy legislative requirements or if the director is convicted of a dishonesty offence, is insolvent or disqualified under applicable legislation.  The Trustee has 90 days to fill a vacant Director role.

More information on the rules of nomination, appointment and removal of Directors can be found in the Constitution.

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