The Energy Super Board has a number of Board committees in place to assist the Trustee with its decision making as well as monitor the delivery of products and services to Members.

These include committees for:

  • Insurance and Claims



    • meets at least four times a year.
    • oversees the process, or assist with decisions,regarding insurance claims;
    • advisers the Board on an appropriate course of action in respect of any complaints arising from insurance claims;
    • monitors the claims history of the Fund on a regular basis; and
    • reviews the operation of the Insurer to ensure consistency with the Fund’s insurance objectives.
    • Neisha Traill (Chair)
    • Richard Flanagan
    • Christine Maher
    • Scott Wilson

  • Audit, Compliance and Risk



    • meets quarterly.
    • provides ongoing assurance to the Trustee that the financial administration and reporting is in compliance with legislation, regulatory requirements and licence conditions.
    • includes audit controls and risk management matters.
    • Teresa Dyson (Chair)
    • Christine Maher
    • Armand Mahne
    • Jennifer Thomas
    • Rebecca Girard

  • Governance, Remuneration and Nomination Committee



    • Carries out the Trustee’s obligations to implement a sound governance framework.
    • Makes recommendations on Director nomination, appointment, reappointment and removal rules.
    • Reviews skills and knowledge of Responsible Persons.
    • Monitor potential changes to Board structure and if required, make recommendations on changes to the Board composition, any transition requirements, and oversee the implementation of the transition program.
    • GRN Committee Charter
    • Christine Maher (Chair)
    • Richard Flanagan
    • Scott Wilson
    • Sarah Zeljko

  • Investment



    • Manage investments in a manner consistent with the interests of beneficiaries;
    • Carry out the obligations of the RSE to implement a sound investment governance framework, and comply with the SIS Act and Regulations, as well as APRA’s Prudential Standard SPS 530 Investment Governance;
    • Oversee the selection and performance of investment managers, and the products offered to members under the Outsourcing Policy; and
    • Make, review and recommend investment decisions according to delegated authority.

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