It’s all in the advice

An Energy Super member’s true story

July 2014

Janette Miller, 61, a retired midwife from Charters Towers, knows Energy Super’s financial advisor Deborah Kells is looking out for her best financial interests.

“Through Deborah’s assistance, I’ve been able to manage my funds with little concern,” she said.

“At the beginning of my retirement, I didn’t fully understand my super account and what my options were.

“Meeting Deborah face-to-face eased me of my anxieties.  No question was too stupid for Deborah and I could be open and honest without judgement’.

It’s not only helpful to have a financial advisor for all of your general questions and investment planning, but it also helps to have someone there in times of crisis.

“Like most people, when global markets took a dive in 2008, my late husband Garry and I were quite worried about our finances.

“Deborah was able to address our concerns quickly, and she reassured us that our finances were okay. And they were!”

“Now I know if I ever have an issue, I’m able to give Deborah a call to get over the phone advice or to organise a one-on-one meeting.

“She’s my Energy Super go-to person who answers my questions, solves my problems and is always a delight to talk to”.

If you’re making significant financial decisions, or are serious about retirement planning, it is in your best interests to seek advice from a financial expert.

With an abundance of superannuation knowledge, Energy Super can make organising your savings a simple and stress-free process.

We have financial advisers with real industry experience and training who develop strategic financial plans to suit every need and lifestyle.

To find out more about Energy Super’s advice process, or to organise a meeting with a financial advisor today, contact us.

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