Keeping a keen eye on investment performance

An Energy Super member’s true story

August 2014

Your super strategy can be as individual as your personality. Whether you are a conservative, balanced or aggressive investor, Energy Super can tailor a strategy that will suit your goals and your lifestyle.

Mr John Brook is an Ergon electrician from Westcourt Cairns who has taken control of his retirement investment strategy.

John, who is approaching retirement age, is an “aggressive investor” who aims to maximise his retirement savings by adding further contributions to his account.

An “aggressive investor” is someone who implements a high risk strategy to achieve the highest growth of their assets.

“I’m not the type of man who will sit back and watch. I like to have my finger on the pulse of all my financial investments, so I monitor my superannuation with a keen eye”, he said.

“I’ve compared the performance of Energy Super with other superfunds, and I’m impressed. My risk strategy is high, but my long term returns are exceeding my retirement saving expectations.

“People often under utilise their superannuation fund. I’m not afraid to call Energy Super with any concerns or to tailor my investment strategy to help me reach my retirement saving goals.

“They deliver results, offer great service and allow flexibility for each individual. I’d recommend them to anyone who is serious about saving for retirement”.

Energy Super prides itself on having a solution for every lifestyle and financial goal, however, it can be difficult to know which investment option, or combination of options, is right for you.

Determining your “investor profile” can assist with determining the best investment strategy for your financial future.  Energy Super offers ten different investment options for its members with different levels of risks and returns.

Choosing your investment strategy is not something you have to do yourself.  To find out more about Energy Super’s ten investment options and how to maximise your investment returns, visit the "Performance and Fees" tab on the website homepage or contact us on 1300 436 374.

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