Boosting your nest egg - it’s simple

An Energy Super member’s true story

March 2015

Kevin Hyde is a 70 year-old retired Energex worker who has been a member of Energy Super since 1982. He and his wife Lesley live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and know the importance of seeking professional advice during the retirement planning phase of their lives.

The couple approached one of Energy Super’s financial advisors to discuss plans on how to best transition into retirement.

“Ready to retire from the workforce last year, my husband and I were faced with the daunting task of obtaining assistance with our finances,” Lesley said.

“In seeking advice, we first approached our bank of 32 years and spoke to one of their financial advisers. However, we left the meeting feeling more confused than ever.

“The information they provided was complex and we felt everything was too overwhelming - it just seemed far too complicated!

“After this, we decided to make an appointment with our super fund, Energy Super. We were lucky enough to have an interview with Owen Hume, one of the fund’s longest serving financial advisers.”

“The difference between the two meetings was incredible! Owen explained all facets of our retirement and the use of our funds in a simplified, easy-to-understand language that both my husband and I could relate to.

“He put together a comprehensive Statement of Advice that was primarily suited to our needs - taking into consideration both our financial and lifestyle factors.

“Owen is only a phone call away when we have any questions or need to call on his expertise.

“We thank Energy Super for making our transition into retirement such a smooth and exciting process.”

Having a retirement plan is important to maintain your finances in your later years.  If you are approaching retirement and thinking about boosting your nest egg, Energy Super is here to help.

We have financial advisers like Owen ready to help you make financial plans to ensure you retire in comfort.

To find out more about Energy Super’s transition to retirement advice process, or to organise a meeting with a financial advisor today, contact us.

And remember, we’re here to help - it’s just how we’re wired.

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