Remember to rollover to boost your savings

An Energy Super member’s true story

July 2014

If you have worked in more than one workplace, chances are you may have multiple superannuation accounts.

Combining these accounts into one not only makes it easier for you to keep track of your super, but also reduces account fees and helping you have money in your account for when you retire.

Energy Super member Matthew Ogg, 47, is an Ergon Energy electrical engineer who sought advice from the fund when he realised his wife had multiple superannuation accounts from working at multiple jobs.

The couple decided that it was in their best interests to merge their super into one Energy Super account each.

Merging these accounts has avoided multiple administration fees, saving the family both time and money.

“I found that merging accounts does not have to be a complicated or lengthy process.  During the process the assistance from Energy Super was very good and very helpful,” he said.

Not only has Energy Super helped Matthew to maximise the outcome of his retirement, but has also offered financial advice in the form of webinars and seminars.

“As an Ergon Energy employee I get regular emails about Energy Super representatives coming up for site visits here in Townsville as well as seminars on offer in the region.

“There seems to be plenty of information and advice on hand if you need it.”

“I think the fund does a great job and it’s a great fund for people in the industry. I would definitely recommend Energy Super to a fellow colleague.”

Matthew says he is positive that Energy Super is doing their best to provide him and his family with a secure future.

As an Energy Super member, you have unlimited access to a range of information about planning for retirement, tips on how to maximise your super and suitable investment strategies.

To find out more about how Energy Super can help rollover your existing accounts, visit the "Managing Your Super" tab on the website homepage or contact us on 1300 436 374.

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